Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I get really tired of seeing false and fake abortion photos

My friend Plum calls these photos “Abortion porn.” It’s a good term because the antis get all hot and bothered by posting these fake and false abortion photos. 

The antis claim that this is a photo of a 12-week old aborted fetus. It is not it’s a picture of a hand-painted resin doll crafted by an artist. See this article for the photo and more information,

The website “Life and Liberty for Women” is a great website that explains in depth how the antis use photos of alleged aborted fetuses,

Many times the photos are misrepresented for gestation age or are a stillborn fetus. From “Life and Liberty for Women” 

A considerable number of anti-abortion visuals feature an almost fully developed fetus. Abortions preformed at this stage via hysterotomy or D&X abortions are rare. Only about 1.5% of abortions are performed at 21-weeks or older, according to according to a 2000 study conducted by the Nation Center for Chronic Disease (CDC). A July 1992 LIFE magazine article, The Great Divide, reported that Reverend Robert Schenk, member of anti-choice coalition Operation rescue, attended a demonstration outside an abortion clinic in Buffalo, NY, with "Baby Tia", a 7-inch, gray-tinted and formaldehyde-soaked dead fetus. In the escalating madness of the crowd, the fetus was dropped onto the sneaker-trodden street. Authorities arrested Schenk and confiscated the fetus, which was taken to a coroner, only to be identified as an approximately 20-week-old stillborn. The article reads, "Many pro-choice supporters in Buffalo are angry about the distance between their reality-what they see in the clinics-and the images the anti-abortionists present as fact. 'What they are showing to the public is a lie,' says Joni Ladowski, a nurse at a nearby clinic, as she unfolds a length of gauze. In the center lies what appears to be a clot the size of a peanut. It is a fetus, nine weeks old. 'This is an abortion,' she says.

Another thing the antis lie about is gestational age. Again, I refer to “Life and Liberty for Women.”

Accurately labeling the fetus in a picture is a testament to the source's credibility. Unfortunately, a collection of pro-life web sites and brochures label their pictures through a method inconsistent with medical practices. Gestational age can be labeled by the date of conception or by the last menstrual cycle. The medical establishment goes by the latter. However, when I asked Willke which method he used, he replied in an email, "This all depends on the picture, the source references and the use in reference." Willke labeled the picture to the right as a 10-week-old fetus in his book, Handbook on Abortion. However, it was later identified as a 12- to 14-week-old fetus by Dr. Andrew Ross, Denver ob-gyn. Apparently, consistency was not a priority in the identification of this photo, nor were the standards of the medical community.

When you see antis using these photos, question where they come from and the accuracy of these photos. 

Let's get real, most first term abortions look like this. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Addicted to thrifting

I started thrifting long before Macklemore told us to "pop some tags." I admit I am addicted to thrifting. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Will the harassment on disqus ever stop?

Today a commenter admitted he’s been harassing me for months by flagging and downvoting my comments. I reported this to disqus but I’m sure they won’t do a damn thing. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

We're "outlaws" banned from "News for Everyone" aka "News for the Echo Chamber"

It's Friday the 13th, several of us have been banned from "News for Everyone." Don't let the name fool you, it's "news" for an echo chamber of those who are opposed to reality, logic, dissent, and any different viewpoints or different opposing views.   

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Censored, Authoritarian, and Afraid

I've been given a "time out" at "Uncensored and Unafraid" or as I call it "Afraid and Scared." Or it could be "Censored, Authoritarian, and Afraid." Apparently I've been a very naughty commenter who argued with logic and fought back against attacks on myself and others. Oooooo I'm so bad. This is the thread, brace yourself for a good laugh.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Why "I think" I got banned at Monday Music

I'm stating this for the record on why I believe I was banned at disqus channel Monday Music.

I posted there for a few days and was "unwelcomed" by some commenters there who don't like me. I was on my best behavior and was posting about mucic and was having fun. I didn't violate any of the TOS rules. 

I posted this song, "Colors and the Kids" by Cat Power. 

I later posted this song, "My Cat" by Jack off Jill. 

Both songs were marked as "Spam" and deleted. After the second song was deleted I asked the mod why? I was given this bullshit answer that it violated the disqus filter. Disqus doesn't filter song lyrics, only what posted, including the song title. The song "My Cat" is hardly offensive. I was told I was pestering the mods for asking why my posts got deleted. 

At the same time another commenter was posting. All of her posts were deleted and she was banned along with me. Her crime was being American Indian. She posted nothing offensive. The mod "Swamp Fox" read a conversation at my blog and questioned me about it. Hence I was also banned for posting at my own blog. 

Some snapshots of the conversation. My response to him before I was banned. 

After I was banned the commenters "rejoiced." I'm guessing my posted were flagged into oblivion because some adults can't get along with others. 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Accusations and innuendos

This is mostly about accusations. I've been dealing with a lot of commenters harassing me lately. I'm tired of refuting the same old accusations, I will post about it here. This way when it's brought up for the hundredth time I can post to it here. 

I'm not whining, I'm not claiming "Victim status" or "Special snowflake status" I'm trying to save myself some time by posting this here. 

In this comment, I was explaining that I never posted at pislamonausea central. They started multiple threads harassing me and I never posted there. Blogged about it at,