Monday, November 24, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A name has been chosen for the cat blog

A name has been chosen for the cat blog, "purrtriarchy." I asked night porter aka purrtriarchy if I could use purrtriarchy for the name. She said yes and the rest is history. Thanks purr! 

Thanks to everyone who helped with the naming process and came up with great suggestions. It's difficult to come up with a name. This is why my cats have hyphenated names. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Name my cat blog

I'm starting a cat blog and need help naming it. Can you help? Please post your ideas for a name. Thanks and meow.

“Cole the Black Cat” is one of my new favorite blogs

Cole the BlackCat” is one of my new favorite blogs.

“Cole the Black Cat & his new brother Marmalade are always up to something ... Together with their human 'servant' Chris they will entertain and educate you! Check out their fun videos to see them in action!”

The videos are fabulous!

Here’s a few photos from the site. I especially like the orange cat Marmalade because he looks like my little orange guy BB. I do love the orange cats.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Syrian ambulance driver caring for abandoned cats

This story breaks my heart. Alaa is called the "cat man of Aleppo." This ambulance driver in war-torn Syria spends $4 a day feeding orphaned cats. 

From U.K. Daily Mail Online, "When he's not treating casualties of the Syrian civil war, ambulance driver Alaa still finds the time and energy to help the lesser-known victims of the conflict. For he has started his own one-man charitable enterprise by feeding scores of cats that have been orphaned as a result of the war. Alaa spends around $4 (£2.50) of his savings each day on meat to feed around 150 strays in Masaken Hanano, a neigbourhood in Aleppo."  

Story Links:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Banished, post-mortem

As a post-mortem I’m writing about my experience being banned or what looks to be like total banishment from NRO with examples of what I posted. I don’t think what I posted was offensive enough to banish me for life, but I’m pro-choice I’m sure that’s a major part of it. 

Right off the bat, I was called a liar for my first post. I linked to the story from Media Matters and only wanted to comment to clarify my concern for women that may have an ectopic pregnancy. I wanted to voice my concern that an ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous and life threatening for women if it is not watched or treated by a doctor. A friend had just gone through an ectopic pregnancy after several miscarriages. She was devastated but glad to have caught the problem and be alive to go on to have a child. 

The response to me was: 

I got flagged on my first post. 

My response: 

Nordog6561's response: 

My response to Nordog6561: 

Rob Hobart responded to Nordog6461:

I responded:

Hobart's response: 

Another response to Mars Attacks! about the seriousness of an ectopic pregnancy from the Mayo Clinic. (Sorry this is not in the correct chronological order but you get the gist of what I'm saying. 

Then came more "@trolls" even though I was being civil as I knew I was in enemy territory and was only trying to clarify the point that ectopic pregnancies are dangerous for women. 

Then all of my posts when to auto-delete. Since I had never posted there before I kept posting and not understanding that my posts kept getting deleted. 

Even though my posts were deleted commenters were still able to respond to me. Here are a few examples.

All pictures are PDFs that have been saved to images to post. None of these images have been altered or photoshopped. My posts were sourced from my disqus account since they have been deleted from NRO. 

If you would like to read for yourself (minus my deleted posts) see

TIME apologizes for including 'feminist' in worst words poll

The Feminist Majority reported today that TIME Magazine has apologized for putting the word "feminist" on its list of words to ban in 2015.

"At last, TIME comes to its senses. Obviously 'feminist' is a worldwide movement for equality of women that cannot and must not be trivialized. Too many women's lives depend on it. It's very important that leaders from every walk of life, not only declare they are feminist, but help to empower women and to end the violence against and exploitation of women," said Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor Smeal.

See the full apology,

Photo from Seattle Pride 1995.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Something many of us can agree on, the disqus upgrade sucks!

Disqus switched to the new version of Disqus on 11/12/14. There is no option to "switchback" to the older version of Disqus. Tell Disqus what you think about the new version at,

Personally I don't like the new version. It's clunky, there's too much white space, and the navigation is horrible. Voice your two cents to Disqus. 

@ Troll update, a truce is called

It's been a weird past few days. Events in "message board land" have taken an odd but pleasant turn and I've been able to call a truce with some of the commenters at NRO. To be fair, I'm posting an explanation from Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! on how threads are moderated by users at NRO.

"When you receive a troll flag from a poster with moderation powers, it is because you have been disruptive to the purpose of the community.

That is the #2 thing you do not understand. NRO is not Thunderdome. It is not a venue for food fights. NRO exists to provide conservatives a venue for discussing issues of interest to conservatives. It is not a debating society. You will not be allowed to send us in circles having the same old arguments again and again. If you retail left-wing talking points, you will be deleted. Such are the forum rules."

I appreciate the explanation even if I don't agree with it completely. I understand the need for moderation and to not let a thread go to hell in a hand basket from a troll innovation. I do think there are commenters who are not conservative and can add to a civil discussion at NRO. 

Somehow Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! and Eponymous1, and I have managed to engage in a civil discourse and we also had a few laughs. There seems to be a mutual respect, although they could just be hysterically laughing at me and think I'm the "crazy cat lady." I trust that people are not total jerks and hope the truce will last. I haven't made up my mind on Nordog, he said some very nasty things to me. 

A nice parting message from Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! to me. 

In the end I'm still banned at NRO. I'm not a conservative and I understand I probably don't belong there but I would like to give a shout out once and a while to my new conservative friends. For now I have no interest in cataloging the comment sections at NRO. Everyone is free to check it our and judge for themselves. If the truce is broken I might be back. 

Peace to all. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hanging out with cats in the downtime

When I’m not fighting bullies I like hanging out with cats. I’m a fan of the Mother Jones Friday Cat Blogging. Last Fridays article linked to a story about “cat circles.”

Cat Circles, where cats are drawn to a makeshift circle, sit down in the middle of it and then refuse to move, are being recreated all over the world by plain old moggies who seemingly can't pass by a circle without being irresistibly drawn to it.”

Photos of my kitties. The orange boy is BB Cooper, and the calico girl is Tiny Sweetpea.

The @ troll game

Ever hear of the “@ troll” game?

Many people haven’t heard of it unless they’ve had the experience of posting at the National Review Online (NRO). As a feminist I posted on a thread about abortion. I know, what was I thinking posting at NRO as a feminist? When I post at a site I’m not familiar with I play it civil and state my opinion or point in a rational civil way that doesn’t violate any terms of service.

While posting at NRO things took a strange turn. The commenters all responded to me “@ troll” accompanied with or without with a nasty derogatory response calling me a “ghoul” or something. It appeared that the “ring leader” or “hall monitor” as he refers to himself threw the final “@ troll” flag that sent my posts into auto deletion, hence what I call the “@ troll” game. To me it looks like a bunch of control freak conservatives who get their rocks off on taunting commenters who have opposing views. They don’t seem to care for any real debate or dialog. Check it out for yourself. Keep an eye on ‘Th_Ph” or aka “Mars Attacks!”

An example of comments from ‘Th_Ph” or aka “Mars Attacks!” from this page, from *Please refer to the original story at National Review for a full listing of posts and to read the entire thread. Notice the deleted comments on the thread.

Correction: The Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! has informed me his comments are not imaged correctly. I apologize for the mistake. I used this clip to illustrate the ‘@troll.” 

This is a screenshot of the link he sent me.