Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The @ troll game

Ever hear of the “@ troll” game?

Many people haven’t heard of it unless they’ve had the experience of posting at the National Review Online (NRO). As a feminist I posted on a thread about abortion. I know, what was I thinking posting at NRO as a feminist? When I post at a site I’m not familiar with I play it civil and state my opinion or point in a rational civil way that doesn’t violate any terms of service.

While posting at NRO things took a strange turn. The commenters all responded to me “@ troll” accompanied with or without with a nasty derogatory response calling me a “ghoul” or something. It appeared that the “ring leader” or “hall monitor” as he refers to himself threw the final “@ troll” flag that sent my posts into auto deletion, hence what I call the “@ troll” game. To me it looks like a bunch of control freak conservatives who get their rocks off on taunting commenters who have opposing views. They don’t seem to care for any real debate or dialog. Check it out for yourself. Keep an eye on ‘Th_Ph” or aka “Mars Attacks!”

An example of comments from ‘Th_Ph” or aka “Mars Attacks!” from this page, from https://disqus.com/home/discussion/nationalreview/to_preserve_marriage_and_democracy. *Please refer to the original story at National Review for a full listing of posts and to read the entire thread. Notice the deleted comments on the thread.

Correction: The Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! has informed me his comments are not imaged correctly. I apologize for the mistake. I used this clip to illustrate the ‘@troll.” 

This is a screenshot of the link he sent me.

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  1. Laughing. Poopface? So much for conservative intellect. Love the blog.