Friday, November 14, 2014

@ Troll update, a truce is called

It's been a weird past few days. Events in "message board land" have taken an odd but pleasant turn and I've been able to call a truce with some of the commenters at NRO. To be fair, I'm posting an explanation from Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! on how threads are moderated by users at NRO.

"When you receive a troll flag from a poster with moderation powers, it is because you have been disruptive to the purpose of the community.

That is the #2 thing you do not understand. NRO is not Thunderdome. It is not a venue for food fights. NRO exists to provide conservatives a venue for discussing issues of interest to conservatives. It is not a debating society. You will not be allowed to send us in circles having the same old arguments again and again. If you retail left-wing talking points, you will be deleted. Such are the forum rules."

I appreciate the explanation even if I don't agree with it completely. I understand the need for moderation and to not let a thread go to hell in a hand basket from a troll innovation. I do think there are commenters who are not conservative and can add to a civil discussion at NRO. 

Somehow Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! and Eponymous1, and I have managed to engage in a civil discourse and we also had a few laughs. There seems to be a mutual respect, although they could just be hysterically laughing at me and think I'm the "crazy cat lady." I trust that people are not total jerks and hope the truce will last. I haven't made up my mind on Nordog, he said some very nasty things to me. 

A nice parting message from Th_Ph aka Mars Attacks! to me. 

In the end I'm still banned at NRO. I'm not a conservative and I understand I probably don't belong there but I would like to give a shout out once and a while to my new conservative friends. For now I have no interest in cataloging the comment sections at NRO. Everyone is free to check it our and judge for themselves. If the truce is broken I might be back. 

Peace to all. 


  1. On review of your posts, I don't think you should have been banned.

    The question of ectopic pregnancies is a valid point... And even pro-lifers like me acknowledge the medical necessity and moral correctness of removing one.

    The reasons for this are: 1) they cannot end up in a healthy baby. The newly conceived life cannot survive that situation -- so it's akin to removing "extraordinary measures" (i.e. anything above and beyond providing nutrition and hydration, like using a machine to breathe.)
    2) the law of double effect -- above the fact that the zygote is doomed, the medical action being taken is not a direct act to kill it, but to remove a threat to the woman, with the death of the zygote being an ancillary effect of the act that removes that threat.

    So under these circumstances, at least for moral purposes, this would not be considered an "abortion" so much as a medical procedure to save the life of the mother that has the effect of hastening the demise of an already doomed human entity.

  2. That is essentially the Catholic Church's teaching on ectopic pregnancy as well.

    I too thought that her being banned from NRO was a mistake and told her as much when I first interacted with her.

  3. "That is essentially the Catholic Church's teaching on ectopic pregnancy as well."

    Quite a coincidence, don't you think?

  4. Just thought I would pass this along. You can now remove followers. How cool is that? It was posted at the "discuss disqus" channel. (

    Here's how to do it: