Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Online games conservatives play (not the fun kind of games)

Over the past few months I've learned a new online game. This is not a "fun" kind of game but a game of harassment and bullying by groups of right-wing trolls that follow a liberal, progressive, left-wing, left-anarchists commenters (like me) to a site and on mass flag comments and or contact the moderations to have the person they’re targeting banned or at least get their posts deleted. I've experienced this at right wing and left wing sites. The same people show up to target me and/or others. 

Yesterday I was banned from Nation of Change, a "liberal progressive" site. The site had no moderation for weeks, right-wing trolls were being abusive and harassing anyone who was not like them or doesn't hold the same conservative ideals. For example, the comments below were not removed by moderators but all of my comments were. Granted, I did use several four-letter words to express my frustration with the situation. I've learned a lesson not to do this in the future so there is no excuse to have my posts removed. 

I do not want to imply ALL conservatives who post online behave this way. I know conservatives I consider my friends online who appreciate a civil conversation where ideas can be exchanged. This is why I post at some conservative sites to engage in a civil dialog where I can learn from the other side. I am a student of life and enjoy opening my mind to learning something new. When I've done this I've been targeted by trolls who harass, bully, and berate me. When they aren't flagging my comments they are talking and gossiping about me. They basically behave like middle school or high school aged kids. 

The ugly trolls: 

The comment thread is,

I was banned but these posts remain on the thread as well as other racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic posts. 
I can't say "fuck" but it's okay for a troll to call me a "feminazi" 

This person has an issue with "uneducated" people voting. Reminds me of "Literacy tests" that were used to keep people of color and poor whites from voting. I asked Jughead and PJ4 if they were in favor of Jim Crow laws. Of course I got no answer and was berated for asking and told I was using the "race card." 

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